Behind the name Chitoon is Alexander Bolovintsev from Moscow, Russia. He has been composing music since high school. From the very beginning it was more like a hobby based on studying different music programs, DJing at students' parties and listening to various groups and artists especially electronic. Very fast the hobby grew into passion or something that cannot be separated from Alexander's life. In 2009 he took the name Chitoon and devoted his life to composing music.

Chitoon doesn't work in one genre because he is always interested in trying something new instead of going the same way every time composing music. He thinks it’s a great advantage of his art that helps him to fight clichés and reveal himself as a talented artist. The main thing for him is to create a memorable music idea than to transform it into a finished track.



Korg MS-20 mini
Moog Slim Phatty
Arturia MicroBrute
Clavia Nord Rack 2X
Access Virus TI Snow
Roland TR-8
Echo AudioFire 8
Echo AudioFire 4
Mackie HR624
Fostex 6301B
Sennheiser HD600
Novation ReMOTE 61 SL
Novation Launchpad Pro
Novation Launchpad mini
Novation Launch Control
Akai LPK
Edirol R-09HR
Apple iPad 2


02-05.07.15  Live @ Imaginarium Festival 2015  info


Chitoon - Infinite Loop
Mudra Music

1. Follow
2. Blood
3. Infinite Loop
4. Shell
5. Calamity

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Chitoon - Drops
Cap and Saddle

1. Drops
2. Boots
3. Badland

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Chitoon - Never Ever

1. Big Fat Space Cat
2. I Know THe Truth
3. Sugarpill

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VA - Mature Behaviour
Soundmute recordings

1. Chitoon - Low

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Chitoon - Tripped on Fizz
Ovnimoon records

1. Voices
2. Cargo
3. Next Life
4. Roots
5. Space Shuttle
6. Stucker
7. Troubledub
8. Shankara (Mantra Box)
9. Deep Impact
10. Shark
11. Danger Melody
12. Air

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Chitoon - Ooung
Ovnimoon records

1. Ooung
2. Shankara (Mantra Box)
3. Deep Impact

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Chitoon - Step 2
Only Good Shit records

1. Step 2
2. Dope Drug
3. Cosmic
4. Zzz

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Chitoon - Move On
Soundmute recordings

1. Tel Aviv
2. Exit
3. Move On

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Gus Gus - Airwaves (Chitoon remix)

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Oasis - Roll It Over (Chitoon remix)

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KLF - What Time is Love (Chitoon remix)

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Bjork - Mutual Core (Chitoon remix)

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Underworld - Bird 1 (Chitoon remix)

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Pendulum - The Island (Chitoon remix)

Pendulum - The Island (Chitoon remix)